European Network Development Conference

Each year, EUDN organises, jointly with a European Development Agency, a conference aimed at promoting a constructive dialogue between academic research and operational expertise. Together, they explore lessons and perspectives for ODA policies. On this occasion, around 700 academics and development practitioners from both the North and the South gather to exchange views.

EUDN gives important impulses through the organization of policy conferences, scientific conferences and PhD workshops that all contribute to strengthen networking in the field of development economics and the exchange of ideas.

  • The annual policy conference brings together policy makers, persons working for ministries, development agencies or research institutes and EUDN members who mainly do research-intensive work in academia, think tanks and international organizations. The annual policy conference can host up to 200-300 people and promotes the exchange between practitioners and academia.
  • The annual scientific conference unites full EUDN member, EUDN associate members and potential new associate members (usually promising PhD students from all over the world working at a European university in the field of development economics). The scientific conference is usually attended by 40-50 EUDN members and invited PhD students. Both EUDN members and invited PhD student present their newest research.
  • The annual PhD workshop is organized by PhD students and postdocs of a EUDN member university and invites EUDN members to listen to the presentation of PhD papers and discussions. The call for papers to this event is spread among the EUDN members who circulate the call for papers in their departments.