The European Development Research Network (EUDN) links members of different development research institutions, particularly in the field of development economics, from Europe with the rest of the World.

The objectives of EUDN are :

  • To Create exchange of ideas between academics and researchers working on development issues, on the one hand, and policy makers, on the other hand with a view to increasing the impact of the research community on policy making and development cooperation in Europe.
  • To Reinforce links between academics and researchers working on development issues in Europe with a view to strengthening European research capacity in the field of development studies, in general, and of development economics, in particular.
  • To train young reseachers in development economics through PhD school or workshop, and exchanges of PhD students and Post-Docs among European Institutions and between European and developping countries institutions

Interests, Topics, Focus

The diversity of the EUDN members guarantees that basically many relevant areas of interest and a multitude of topics in development research are covered. To give a selection of topic areas:

  • Inequality in the distribution of income and wealth, gender inequality
  • Poverty, International poverty measurement
  • Health economics and policy
  • Education and human capital.
  • Conflict and economic development
  • Institutions and economic development
  • Trade and economic development
  • Financial development
  • Development finance
  • Agricultural development
  • Technological change
  • Pro-poor growth
  • Green growth and environmental policies
  • Energy policies for sustainable development
  • Migration and its consequences for sending and receiving countries
  • Effectiveness of development aid

The research is methodologically broad and includes theoretical research, empirical and econometric studies, impact evaluations, randomized controlled trials, and simulation approaches.

Each year the EUDN policy conference focuses on a specific topic area (e.g. Energy policies for sustainable development, International poverty measurement, Migration and development) inviting key note speakers and  discussants to share new ideas, new research and policy issues with EUDN members and policy makers.